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About Us

About the SVP System

The {SVP System} is a online one-stop comparison shopping marketplace for consumers looking to compare and order essential home services. We connect consumers with the services that power their lives—from phones to high-speed Internet to electricity and beyond.

{SVP System}’s proprietary software makes it easy for the more than 20 million U.S. households that move annually, as well as all consumers just looking to save money, to find the best deals and conveniently set up their home services in minutes.

How SVP System Can Help You

Moving? We make it easy!

  • Connect all the utilities for your new home in minutes
  • Enjoy one-stop convenience whether you are moving around the corner or across the country
  • Choose the brands you want and trust at the best prices
  • Change your address without ever leaving the comfort of your home
  • Transfer existing services and even keep your current phone number
  • Get expert moving Tips and News

Switching? We'll help you make the right choice!

  • Compare leading service providers side-by-side
  • Find money-saving tips on how to choose the right services for your home
  • Get the latest service options from your favorite providers
  • Choose the best deals for the services you want
  • Save time and money by bundling services with one trusted provider
  • Get great deals on additional services in your area, including restaurant delivery, maid service, appliance rental and more

Rest assured, the SVP System secure! Enter your address now to get started.

Service Providers

Over the last six years, SVP System has created business and technology partnerships with industry-leading home service providers. These partnerships allow us to provide every visitor with the exact options and offer details for all services available at their address. With SVP System, you can order all your home utilities from the companies you know and trust.

AT&T Verizon Comcast Time Warner Cable

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Channel Partners

The SVP System Network includes hundreds of channel partners looking to provide better service to their customers. Our channel partners include leading apartment owners, real estate brokers, mortgage companies, U.S. Military agencies and more. In fact, many of our service providers are also channel partners, which enables them to offer their customers the added value of the one-stop shopping convenience provided by SVP System.

Avalon Bay Apartments Commonweath Edison Coldwell Banker Southern California Edison

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